Why Do Cops Get Paid So Much?

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But how much do the families get given. In the short term again we may have to reduce what first-responders get.

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Why do American cops kill so many compared to European cops.

Why do cops get paid so much?. I was part of a Safety Committee board that met every month to review the past months accidents and City-Data Forum US. Too many people including kids spend too much. According to The Sun each family is paid 1500 a month to split between them as they see fit.

Forums California Why are California Cops Paid So. Police Officers Get Paid Enough I do not think police officers are underpaid. So just how much do cops get paid to put their lives on the line.

Where do you get so much bad information. So if you think athletes make too much money maybe you should stop watching the games or buying team products. Id be curious to know what the average wage was for cops in Vallejo before the city went bankrupt.

But in the. Lets be honest most cops just drive around all day trying to make their ticket or arrest quota. 05-13-2009 at 1227 PM.

In other words high compensation creates real budget problems. Cops deserve more money unlike celebrities and sports players although I understand why those people make so much money its sad that those who risk their lives in our country don but I guess it is what it is. That might not be such a bad idea.

We asked Metro just how many cops and correction officers are getting paid but not working. I see cops just. IN STYLE How much do models get paid why are they so skinny and do they get to keep the clothes.

In exchange for the dollar they must commit to 12 hours of. All your London Fashion Week questions answ LONDON Fashion Week is just days away and were. But youd have to say that put next to equivalent emergency personnel such as fire services the police do seem to be well paid and even next to the armed forces they do well.

Metro data for the pay period ending May 4th shows the department paid out 7212724 in just two weeks. November 25 2015 1205am EST Paul Hirschfield Rutgers University Author Paul Hirschfield Associate Professor of Sociology and. Law enforcement is a field that attracts people for a variety of reasons but the pay isnt usually one of them.

This comes down to a little economic theory called Supply and DemandThe idea is that if there is a lot of. Last edited by sav858. They actually make a pretty decent salary.

Why do police officers get paid so much less than professional baseball players. So just how much. You–er we–do have to pay those salaries.

Not that I dont respect what they do but I dont see why some get paid so much more than others.

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